Goa is a small coastal State with a population of 14,57723 and some of the best Health Indicators in India. However it is seen that due to increasing migrant population in the urban areas the facilities are not enough to provide Health Care Facilities to all . Urban Poor are the workers at construction sites and daily wage or Rokda workers residing in shanties and slums. Small coastal towns too are facing settlements of these workers due to increased economic activity.

For NUHM 2013-14, though we had selected four of our biggest cities and 9 Municipal towns with settlements of migrant workers. The HR facilities at the Urban Health Centres especially grass root workers like Multi purpose workers are inadequate for providing services to this population though all efforts are made to provide MCH, Outreach Immunizations and other activities like Vector control to these people.

We propose presently to deliver services under NUHM through the Urban Health Centres and the State Health Society. Multipurpose workers,Medical Officers and supportive staff have been sanctioned under the NUHM as well as logistics in 2014 and the recruitment process is on.


Demographic Profile (based on 2011 census)

Total Population (In lakhs) 2011 census


Males (In Lakhs)


Females (In Lakhs)


Urban Population (In lakhs)  2011 census


Urban slum population (in lakhs) Projected by (M/o HUPA)


Slum population  as percentage of urban population


Number of Metro cities


Number of towns with less than 1 lakh but  more than 50 thousand population


Number of State HQs/District HQs which have less that 50 thousand population but are covered under NUHM



Health indicators




Infant Mortality Rate


Under-five Mortality Rate

20.3 NFHS -3

Maternal Mortality Ratio


Total Fertility Rate


Full Immunization (percentage)

87.9  CES Survey

Annual Blood Examination Rate (ABER) for malaria

22.37 (2013 till Sept)

Annual Parasite Index (API)

0.75 (2013 till Sept)

Dengue Case Fatality Rate

1.124 (2013 till Sept)

Annual New Smear Positive case detection rate


Treatment success rate among new smear positive cases

83 %

Leprosy Prevalence Rate