New Born Screening

New Born Screening

  • Program launched by Hon’ble Health Minister Shri. Vishwajeet Rane
  • 6th August 2018, State level function at Goa Medical College, Bambolim
  • Training of all concerned staff nurses and Doctors at GMC, Both District Hospitals & peripheral community health centres.
  • New Born Screening collection initiated at all the delivery points for new borns after 24 to 48 hrs of birth.
  • Reports received within 7 days of collection of samples.
  • Positive samples are retested for confirmation.
  • Blood collected from New Born from antenatal ward /post natal ward and ward adjacent to labour room.
  • Staff Nurse incharge informs the parents of the New Born regarding New Born screening and its importance.
  • Staff Nurse incharge notes down the parents contact numbers.
  • Parents of the newborns are informed to come for follow up at the Paediatric OPD, 7 days after delivery where they are given NBS reports and if positive they are guided by the Paediatrician.
  • If the reports are received after 7 days, the reports are collected from the post natal ward.


Total number of babies screened till 15/6/2019 – 8923

Total confirmed Positive – 38

G6PD – 32

CH – 04

CAH – 01

Biotinidase deficiency – 01

  • NBS collections initially started in :
  • GMC – 9/8/2018
  • Hospicio – 14/8/2018
  • Asilo – 20/8/2018
  • SDH Ponda – 28/8/2018

Now NBS collections done at all delivery points