• OPDs are being conducted in all peripheral units on a fixed day of the week wherein the adolescents can avail of counseling as well as treatment facilities.
  • YUVA Clinics are currently operating at 30 family welfare units.
  • Adolescent issues are included in all the RCH training.
  • Programmes & RCH materials developed for communication & behavior change.
  • Rubella vaccine for the prevention of Rubella is been administered for adolescents girls since 2008.
  • Capacity building programmes are being held for HO, MO, EE, RMNCH+A Cousellors & MPHWs.
  • Teachers in schools are serving as ARSH Nodal teachers & they are also trained on counseling techniques for adolescents in schools.
  • Fund proposed for new 754 peer educators in the state of Goa.


Adolescent clinics : YUVA CLINIC

Focuses on reorganizing the existing public health system in order to meet the service needs of adolescents. Under this programme counseling services, routine check-ups at primary, secondary and tertiary levels of care is provided on fixed days and fixed time to adolescents, married and unmarried, girls and boys during the clinic sessions.

To make the clinics adolescent friendly, states have branded the clinics in the name of “YUVA CLINIC” . The objective of it being addressing the stigma behind accessing the adolescent services.

ARSH training :

All the health functionaries are made sensitive towards the health needs of the adolescents through a systematic training of 3 days for MO/School Health Doctors/ Extension Educator/ PHN/LHV/ Councillor/ANM/SN through State Family Welfare Bureau.

Outreach programmes :

Periodic health check-ups at the village health and nutrition days are conducted to provide services to adolescent girls who cannot access the clinic based services. The success of the programme being effective service delivery by the ANM .


To support the adolescent health issues across the country, partnerships with various other departments like WCD has been initiated with the ongoing SABLA programme

Other Initiatives :

  • Adolescent health days
  • Peer education approach
  • Menstrual Hygiene Scheme (Scheme for Promotion of Menstrual Hygiene among Adolescent Girls in Rural India will be started from next Academic year)