National Leprosy Eradication programme is a fully centrally sponsored programme & was started in the state of Goa in the year 1982, Multi Drug Therapy (MDT) was introduced by World Health Organization.

In 2005, Elimination of Leprosy achieved in India (Prevalence Rate less than 1 case per 10,000 population)

In 2006, Elimination of Leprosy achieved in Goa.

Since September 2006, decentralization of cases began and MDT is made available at all PHCs/CHCs/UHCs.

Our goal is to sustain the elimination achieved & further to bring down Prevalence rate of leprosy to less than 0.20 per 10,000 population and strengthening of Disability Prevention & Medical Rehabilitation for People Affected with Leprosy (PAL) in Goa.

Services under NLEP

  1. Free treatment through PHC/CHC/UHC.
  2. Awareness generation (IEC) on Leprosy through Health Education /Media/Pamphlets etc.
  3. Early reporting by patients to the nearest health facility for free diagnosis & treatment (MDT).
  4. Free Referral of needy cases to the District Hospital and Goa Medical College.
  5. Assessment of disability status of cured PALs twice a year through Prevention of Deformity (POD) Camps and identifying cases for physiotherapy & Reconstructive Surgery (RCS). There is Physiotherapist at each District Hospital.
  6. Special MCR footwear (2 pairs) in a year for needy PALs.
  7. Self Care Kits for patients with Ulcers.
  8. Reconstructive surgery for correction of deformities & an incentive of Rs. 8000/- is given to the beneficiaries.
  9. Subsidized ration for PALs under Public Distribution System (PDS)
  10. Financial assistance for supportive medicines during treatment & during follow up for all PALs.
  11. Training & Capacity building of all staff in the Directorate of Health Services as well as Anganwadi workers.
  12. Monitoring, Supervision and Reporting.

Physical Indicators in NLEP:-

Indicators 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14

(till date)

New Cases detected  




Child among new cases  




Grade II disability among new cases  




RCS conducted for disability correction  




Annual New case detection Rate (ANCDR/100,000) 4.39 4.2 4.3
Prevalence rate (PR/10,000) 0.36 0.3 0.3
Treatment Completion Rate 98.1 93.5

 Contractual Staff:-

Sr.No. Name Designation Posting
1. Miss. Soniya Naik


Administrative Assistant Directorate of Health Services,  Panaji-Goa.
2. Mrs. Sonia Ines  Da Costa


Data Entry Operator Directorate of Health Services, Panaji-Goa.