Sexually Transmitted Disease Control Programme is a Non Plan Programme with its Head Office at Directorate of Health Services Panaji . Services are delivered through three STD Clinics at Hospicio Hospital-Margao, New District Hospital Mapusa, STD Clinic Baina and through all the Primary/Upgraded Health Centres functioning under the DHS.


Early detection of cases of Reproductive Tract Infections/Sexually Transmitted Infections and referral for counseling and testing for HIV.This is done by testing symptomatic cases of STI/RTI and Antenatals with Rapid Plasma Reagin (RPR) Kits and treating positive cases by the Syndromic Approach.

  • Early detection and testing of symptomatic cases is also promoted through training of ANM’s to refer cases from the periphery.
  • OBG Consultants refer cases from Antenatal OPD for testing
  • Complicated cases are referred to Goa Medical College
  • Rapid Finger Prick tests have been provided in 19 PHC/CHC’s with FICTC (First Information Counseling and Testing centre’s) .If found positive the patient is referred to the nearest ICTC for counseling and further confirmatory testing with 3 Kits.
  • Health education has been a large part of this programme for vulnerable groups through our Health Centre Staff, different public forums etc.Pamphlets and Educational material will be provided for the same
  • Medical Officers are trained in the diagnosis and treatment by Syndromic Approach
  • Post Exposure Prophylaxis drugs have been made available at all units.

  1. Early diagnosis through Rapid Plasma Reagin testing and prompt treatment as per the syndromic approach through use of kits and referrals of complicated cases to Skin and VD Department Goa Medical Collage,Bambolim.
  2. Promoting contacts tracing and counselling through The STD Clinics And Government Health Centers.
  3. Reducing the sexually Transmitted Disease stigma through Information Education & Counselling (IEC).
  4.   Promoting condoms and safe sex and behavioural changes through health education.
  5. Collecting Blood samples for V.D.R.L. in antenatal cases and patients referred in Primary Health Centers in order to rule out diseases like syphilis to prevent adverse effect on the children.
  6. Spreading of STD/RTI/HIV/AIDS awareness to rural population and Urban slums.
  7.  Advocating the syndromic management of STD at Primary Health Centers/Community Health Centres
  8. Adolescent Education and Counselling
  9. Training of Medical Officers and other Staff.