Village Health, Sanitation & Nutrition committee have been constituted. Rs.10,000/- has been disbursed to all the committees. These committees will coordinate and support the different activities, provide leadership for community and serve as the community contact point with local and district functionaries.

Total Village Health Sanitation & Nutrition committees: 260         


  • Sarpanch / Panchayat Secretary – Chairperson
  • ANM
  • Anganwadi workers
  • Self Help Group members
  • Others like Social Group, NGOs etc.

Committees can conduct following Activities :

  1. Village level cleanliness drive.
  2. Sanitation drive.
  3. School Health activities.
  4. Anganwadi level health awareness activities or improvement of activities in Anganwadi.
  5. Conduct of household survey.
  6. Reduction measures for vector control.
  7. Access emergency ambulance service etc.
  8. Publication of IEC material or notices.
  9. Nutrition related activities

Activities conducted in Goa by VHSNCs:-