The estimated annual burn incidence in India is approximately 6-7 million per year. The high incidence is attributed to illiteracy, poverty and low level safety consciousness in the population. The situation becomes further grim due to the absence of organized burn care at primary and secondary health care level. The goal of National programme for prevention of burn injuries (NPPBI) would be to ensure prevention and capacity building of infrastructure and manpower at all levels of health care delivery system in order to reduce incidence, provide timely and adequate treatment to burn patients to reduce mortality, complications and provide effective rehabilitation to the survivors. Another objective of the programme will be to establish a central burn registry. The programme would essentially have three components i.e. Preventive programme, Burn injury management programme and Burn injury rehabilitation programme.

The guiding principles of the NPPBI:

The National Programme for Burn Injuries shall be set up and function with the following Guiding Principles:

  1. To optimally and effectively utilize the existing health care and allied sectors services and infrastructure.
  2. To elicit participation of Government, Non Government and private/corporate sector to avoid duplication of efforts and expenditures.
  3. To evolve three tier programme structure to have universal coverage and reach.
  4. The Programme shall have balanced focus on preventive, curative and rehabilitative aspects of Burn Injuries.
  5. To establish a central burn registry.

Programme structure of NPPBI:

To establish and manage the programme, a defined programme management will be structured under the following headings:

  • Programme Division in Directorate General of Health Services.
  • A programme officer with Public Health / Health.
  • Promotion and Education qualifications.
  • Consultants in Burns, Rehabilitation and Health promotion and Education specialties.
  • Requisite support staff.
  • A National Burn case reporting mechanism Utilizing MIS in the country from Sub centre> PHC>CHC >District Admn.>State> Centre.
  • A co-ordination committee.