• Government of India is committed to improve immunisation coverage and introduce newer vaccines to reduce the child mortality and morbidity in children.
  • Inspite of 30 years of Immunisation Programme only 65% of children receive vaccination in the first year of life in the country.
  • Therefore Mission Indradhanush was launched in December 2014 in New Delhi to achieve Routine Immunisation Coverage of more than 90% by identifying the gaps and strengthening the health system.
  • In the first phase Indradhanush I, a total of 201 high risk districts (immunisation coverage of less than 50%) were taken and now in the second phase Indradhanush II, will be launched in a total of 297 medium priority districts (immunisation coverage of 70% – 85%) which includes South Goa district. South Goa has an immunisation coverage of 83.3%.

Why South Goa is taken?

  • North Goa has immunisation coverage of 93.7% (as per DLHS – 4 Survey) whereas; South Goa has a immunisation coverage of 83.3%.
  • Although South Goa has fairly good coverage, it is still falling short compared to the coverage of North Goa. Some of the Primary Health Centres in South Goa have sub optimal performance. This could be attributed to inadequate reporting, and more migrant/floating population in South Goa.

Measures to be taken:

There are 2 CHCs, 12 PHCs, and 2 UHCs in south Goa. All these units will launch intensive campaign from 7th to 14th of every month during October 2015, November 2015, December 2015 and January 2016. The campaign will comprise of:

  • Immunisation sessions in jurisdictions of sub centre where there are high risk pockets.
  • Mobile immunisation sessions will be conducted.
  • Intensive health education drives to build up community participation.
  • Special IEC Materials produced namely Flex Boards, Stickers, Rubber Stamps on hospital case papers will be utilized for the campaign.
  • Trainings are already conducted as a preparatory measure to the health workers to actively conduct the sessions and Anganwadi workers to mobilize the children and mothers.